Track and Field Sports Insurance

With an increased interest in track and field events during the past decade or two, the demand for special training camps has also grown, advancing youth and adult athletes further in their individual events. Due to this increased interest, more camps and schools are training more athletes, and there’s become a need for more diversity in event insurance coverage for the differing types of training and events.

Track & Field Accidents and Injuries

The history of track and field competition dates back to the ancient Olympic Games, and a 600-foot race run in Olympia in 776 BC. Of course, today’s track and field events are much more diverse including everything from throwing the discus to varied lengths of sprints, team relays, hurdles, long jumping, pole vaulting and more.

Track and Field Insurance

Athletes train hard and injuries inevitably happen from the more common shin splints and knee injuries to a host of other accidents. Anyone involved in training these athletes is aware of the need for proper sports insurance coverage but may not know what that entails. School and camp coaches, as well as competition organizers, need to be prepared with the proper track and field sports insurance for training, practice, and competitions.

That’s where the Camp Team comes in. The Camp Team specializes in sports insurance and event insurance with coverage for kids and adults. Our personalized approach and attention to detail, coupled with our friendly customer service, ensures you get the right coverage and a great experience.

Athlete, Coach, and Spectator Liability

Liability for an injury or accident often falls with the owner of the grounds where it happens, and/or with the supervisors of the event or activity. Track and field sports insurance should not only cover the athletes, but coaches, event personnel, and spectators of a meet, as well. Most forms of sports insurance will cover athlete accidents, but additional coverage may be needed to include participant liability and spectator/premise liability insurance.

Contact the Camp Team and let one of our experienced agents discuss coverage options for you based on your specific needs. We have more than 25 years in the sports insurance field and are a leader in the track and field sports insurance industry. Contact our team to get your team properly covered before your next event.