Festival Insurance

Camp Team is known as a leader in sports insurance, but we also provide premier special event insurance services to festivals as well. Festival insurance is designed to meet the needs of venues and facilities that require their event holders to secure insurance for their activities. With Camp Team, festival organizers are able to get the special event insurance they need to comply with any requirements and regulations needed to hold the festival and protect their interests.


Camp Team’s festival insurance services provide protection for the policy holder from claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and the litigation costs to defend against those claims. Festival insurance coverage provides up to $1 million per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of up to $5 million. With your festival protected, you can tend to the needs of your guests, vendors, and attendees and ensure all enjoy their time at your event.

Festival Insurance

For years, Camp Team has developed professional, trusted relationships with some of the finest coaches and athletes around, and extends that trust and service to festival organizers to ensure they have the right special event insurance coverage they need for their events. Camp Team is a leader in the insurance industry because of its great product and dedicated customer service. We make the process of insuring clients as easy as possible, and provide prompt attention when requested. We understand that evidence of insurance is an important factor in putting together a festival, which is why we are dedicated to providing a quick turnaround on policy requests and underwriting. The experience, trust, and excellent service Camp Team delivers is why we are the official league insurance provider for many world and national sports champions, and why so many organizers come to us for their festival insurance needs.

For more information about how to secure festival insurance, contact Camp Team by calling (800) 747-9573 or (303) 422-2057.