LGBT Sports Insurance and Event Insurance

The LGBT community has succeeded in yet another exciting victory. Across the U.S., sports leagues are forming to welcome family that are sports enthusiasts and seek to participate in organized events where they can feel comfortable about their identities. Organizations such as Varsity Gay League and Stonewall Sports continue to add more cities to their rosters as interest grows. 

LGBT Sports Insurance

Membership is inclusive – everyone from highly skilled athletes to folks that are simply enthusiastic about the team environment are signing on. While the benefits are numerous, it is just as important to note the risks, and the need for appropriate event and sports insurance

Why You Need Event or Sports Insurance 

Sports injuries can happen to anyone at any time, and large or small scale events also come with risks.  As organized sports teams and more events are organized within the LGBT community, so does the risk. Accidents can happen at any event and according to the American Physical Therapy Association, in 2017 the number of sports-related injuries topped 8.6 million. This can only increase as more Americans participate in sports activities. Choosing to manage the various categories of risk is wise: 

Medical expenses – Sports and event insurance covers liability for medical expenses incurred from activities that happen on the premises.  

Bodily injury – Sports and event insurance also covers liability for injuries to any person as a result of your covered activities.

Property damage – Sports and event insurance covers liability for damages caused by the event or a third party while on the premises. 

For over 25 years, CampTeam has provided insurance for sports activities. We tailor the insurance to your needs, with the overall goal being to offer comprehensive, affordable programs. We also want to reduce your exposure to risk and potential loss. Contact our insurance professionals today to learn more about sports and event insurance for your LGBT leagues.