Triathlon InsuranceTriathlons draw hundreds of the most well-conditioned athletes from around the world to various locations across the globe. Participating athletes exert a tremendous amount of physical activity during a triathlon event, putting their will, strength and stamina to the test in a series of sports competitions that traditionally consist of open-water swimming, running and cycling.

If you’re an event director, we’d like to help you and your organization minimize the potential risks inherent in triathlon events with our triathlon insurance coverage for triathlon events and triathlon training camps. The large amount of participants competing and pushing their bodies to the limit requires thorough event planning and risk assessment, and can pose safety and liability concerns if not appropriately planned for with triathlon event insurance. At Camp Team, we know that organizers go through great lengths to ensure the events run safely, smoothly and risk-free. We specialized in helping you and your organization minimize the potential risks with our all-encompassing triathlon event & camp insurance coverage.

Our top-of-the-line, comprehensive triathlon insurance covers not only triathlons, but also duathlons, aquathlons adventure races, mud runs, multisport events, timing events and event support. Our triathlon event & camp insurance premiums are based on the estimated number of participants and no one is singled out to pay over-priced 1-day fees.

We have two different applications available on our website for race directors—one for five sport events or less, and another for six or more. For either application, we will need to know information about your prior insurance carrier, the type of activities that will be offered, whether or not beer or alcohol will be sold, the number of participants and their age categories, and any precautions in place to ensure participant safety, including EMT presence, road closures, and traffic control.

Let a reliable, safe, trusted triathlon insurance provider handle the triathlon event insurance, while you handle what you know best – directing your event!