Pole Vault Insurance Coverage

Individualized track and field events are becoming more popular all of the time. The specialty sport of pole vaulting is one of those. To pole vault, you need a good sprinting speed coupled with good upper body strength. It takes a great deal of coordination, patience, and persistence, and it’s said to be one of track’s toughest events.


While precautions are taken to protect athletes, you never know when an accident may happen. A sport which requires running, use of a pole to push off the ground, and twisting your back to make it over the bar, subjects the body to injury, and athletes know that. But still, those who hold pole vaulting camps, put on clinics, or have a team at their schools should access specialty insurance outside of the general liability realm. Pole Vault Insurance

For the high school or college athletic coach, sports insurance is highly important. For the camp organizer or competition host, event insurance is vital. That is where Camp Team Insurance comes in – it’s our specialty. 

We know pole vaulting camps are popping up all over the country. While camp leaders may have the training and experience to train young athletes, you most likely don’t have experience in the insurance business. We do, and offer our policyholders coverage to protect not only for claims of bodily injury, but property damage and litigation costs to defend against possible claims.

Standard sports insurance coverage through Camp Team offers a general liability to pole vault specialists of $1 million per occurrence with $1 million general aggregates. Options of up to an additional $5 million aggregates are available in most states.

Every circumstance is different, and we get that. Contact our insurance team at Camp Team to help you navigate through any sports coverage for training and camps, or trials and competitions. We offer a personalized approach and great customer service to ensure you nothing but the best.