Cardio-kickboxing Gym Liability Insurance

Cardio-kickboxing combines boxing, martial arts, and aerobic dance, offering a fast-paced, full-body workout. Over the last decade, kickboxing classes have become a popular and empowering form of aerobic exercise. As a result, more cardio-kickboxing gyms have been cropping up in response to the demand for these kinds of classes. But with the explosive effort involved in the kickboxing maneuvers, there comes potential for injuries. Everything from tendonitis to back and ankle sprains are possible and common, making the need for fitness studio liability insurance more prevalent.

How Injuries Can Happen
Kickboxing involves rapid, explosive movements. A small error in form can result in a twisting or pulling motion that overstretches a muscle, putting too much tension on it, and creating problems like strains and sprains. Long-term, highly repetitive movements can create injuries, but most instructors will work with students to ensure they don’t use bad form to put repetitive stress on their bodies. More concerning for gym owners is the potential for injuries to occur during a workout. However, other accidents can happen in kickboxing studios such as property damage, slips, and falls – all of which pose a risk to your gym.

Cardio-Kickboxing Insurance for Gym Owners
Kickboxing is an amazing way to relieve stress, especially after a frustrating workday. But the reality is that liability insurance is necessary to protect you and your business. Your clients and employees need protection from potential claims, even if your gym advocates for excellent safety and form. If bodily injury or property damage occur in your gym, you want to be covered.

What Does Fitness Studio Insurance Cover?
The Camp Team offers various coverage options for cardio-kickboxing studios, including General Premise/Spectator Liability Insurance and Sports Facility Insurance. With our insurance plans, you can cover accidents that occur during events and around the gym.