Sports Clinic Insurance Provider


Sports clinic insurance is a necessary requirement for the hundreds of sports clinics, or specialized sports camps that are offered every year by a variety of organizations dedicated to helping athletes learn, train, improve and excel in both recreational and competitive sports. The clinics, which may span several hours to several days, operate both on local or national levels and can be for amateurs and professionals from all ages and all sports, ranging from dance to hockey.




If you or your organization is planning on organizing a sports clinic, it’s important for you to have sports clinic insurance. Because of the physically intense nature of sports clinics, participants are at risk of injuring themselves during sports-related activities. With our sports clinic insurance & sports clinic event coverage we can ensure that any accidental sports injuries occurring during the clinic have sufficient medical insurance coverage.

Clinic Insurance

Camp Team provides both primary and excess sports clinic insurance coverage (deductibles apply) with a $10,000 maximum benefit for medical and dental, and $2,500 maximum benefit for accidental death or dismemberment. As a clinic organizer, it’s also important for you to have liability coverage, which protects you against participant claims of bodily injury and property damage, in addition to litigation costs to defend against these claims, should they arise. Our general liability coverage provides for up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of up to $5 million. We also offer optional sports clinic insurance coverage for hired non-owned auto, abuse and molestation and overnight sickness and excess liability.

To obtain a quote for sports clinic insurance, download a paper application or download one online. The application will require information about the estimated number of participants and their age groups, the estimated number of staff and volunteers, the dates and length of the clinic, the estimated number of commuter or overnight participants (if applicable) and the type of sports and activities performed during the clinic.