Baseball Club and League Insurance


Colliding with the baseman while sliding into third base, getting hit by a baseball while waiting for that homerun pitch, a slip or fall in the stands, and even a cracked windshield from a foul ball are some of the risks that spectators and participants assume near and on the baseball diamond.

A great activity for all ages in the community, your club baseball team combines fitness and socializing into a fun event, and provides entertainment for family, friends, and neighbors. If you manage a baseball club, you want your club sport to be protected by the best baseball club insurance out there. To ensure all eventualities are covered, and provide peace of mind, as accidents do happen, Camp Team offers club sports insurance that cover a myriad of situations including baseball insurance for leagues and clubs.

Baseball Club and League Insurance

General Liability insurance covers club sports like baseball from lawsuits arising from bodily injury and property damage. Additionally, litigation costs associated with defending claims are covered, protecting club interests and mitigating expenses. Up to $1,000,000 of coverage per occurrence is available with baseball insurance, with a general aggregate of up to $5,000,000 obtainable.

To help ease financial burdens due to medical bills resulting from an accident or injury during a baseball practice, game, or travel to an event, Accident Medical baseball insurance is available. Primary and excess accident medical insurance is available to offset medical costs resulting from an accident or injury to a participant, coach, volunteer, or official.

Spectator and Premise Liability insuranceprotects against claims from mishaps like falls or slips by spectators, and against property damage that may occur while under the organization’s control.

Camp Team can customize a baseball insurance policy to match your needs, fit your budget, and protect the interests of your club. For more information about how to protect your baseball club or league with baseball club insurance or baseball league insurance, contact Camp Team at (800) 747-9573 or (303) 422-2057.