Camp / Tournament / Clinic


Application is intended for policyholders that host camps, tournaments and clinics with set dates, times with each session having a start and end day. Commuter participants are defined as individual or groups that are under your organizations supervision starting at a certain time on a set day then leave your supervision on the same day. Overnight participants are defined as individuals your staff is responsible for 24 hours a day, event while they sleep. Examples would be field hockey camps with 6 separate sessions and each individual session operating for 3 consecutive days with no participants staying overnight, 4 day basketball camp offering commuter and overnight participants, 1 day baseball clinic, etc.


Club / League / Assoc / Team


Application is intended for policyholders with short term or year round activity, ongoing instruction, practices and league play. Examples would be wrestling or volleyball clubs, football, lacrosse, baseball, leagues or soccer franchises, individual travel teams such as hockey, basketball, martial arts & dance studios, etc.


Sports Facility


Application is intended for policyholders that operate an athletic activity business and generate over $20K in revenue. Typical facilities are open to the public, membership sign up or allow groups to rent the location and utilize athletic fields, courts or workout areas. Examples would be batting cages, boot camps (even if boot camps use parks & recreation locations), multi athletic facilities, etc.


Premise / Spectator Liability


Application is intended for policyholders that do NOT need coverage for athletic participants. Policies are written to cover damage to a rented location or slips and falls of attendees. Examples would be conferences, farmers markets, vendors, weddings, concerts, etc.


Boxing / MMA Events


Application is intended for policyholders that operate a promotion company hosting Boxing / MMA events. Premise liability plus fighter accident can be purchased together or written stand alone. Liquor liability is available with purchase of premise liability. Policies are only offered on an event by event basis.


Directors & Officers


Application is intended for policyholders that operate a board of directors for an organization whether related to athletics, non athletic, for profit or non profit.


Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Equipment Floater


Application is intended for policyholders that own, rent or lease (to others) athletic, production or musical equipment either short term or annually. Coverage included All-Risk Peril Form including earthquake, flood, wind, equipment in transit, accidental / unforeseen damages, theft, fire, smoke, water damage and terrorism. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Automobiles are not covered.


Indiv. Baseball / Softball Team Ins.


We have partnered with a national baseball / softball organization to offer individual baseball / softball team insurance. By joining ECTB association, you will have access to their leagues and tournaments and be able to purchase team insurance that will follow your team for all practices and tournaments. Coverage is issued on a master policy basis that names E.C.T.B. L.L.C. as the named insured with the individual team being named as additional insured.


Triathlon Insurance


Application is intended for policyholders that operate one or multiple athletic events during a policy period. Examples would be race directors with single or mutli sporting events like triathlon, running, mud runs, obstacle course runs, duathlons etc.


The Camp Team is available to answer any questions you might have if need guidance on which application to complete.