Electric Bike Insurance


What does eBike insurance cover?

The Camp Team offers various coverage options and deductibles for eBike insurance. With our insurance plans, your company cover damage caused by accidents, theft, collision, fire, vandalism, and more. A major use of such insurance is for medical costs related to cycling accidents, since these circumstances are unfortunate but do happen.

For affordable and reliable Class 1 eBike insurance, call the Camp Team. Our  insurance experts can help you select the exact deductible and coverage levels that suit your business needs.

What is a Class 1 Pedal Assist eBike?Electric Bike Insurance

A Class 1 pedal-assist eBike is a low-speed electric bicycle that is part of today’s biggest trend in cycling. This Class 1 designation means the electric drive system can only be activated by pedaling and makes the pedals easier to turn. While there is no throttle involved, these bikes can go up to 20mph. eBikes make it easier than ever to bike without getting sweaty or tired, and are expanding interest in cycling to those who otherwise might find it overly taxing. As eBikes become more popular within the cycling community, more festival and event producers are realizing the need for electric bike insurance. eBikes are also seeing a surge in popularity as rental items in large metro areas, and high level tourist locations

Where can you ride Class 1 eBikes?

Class 1 eBikes can be used in bike-friendly cities to commute to work, on bike paths, and for off-roading adventures. You’ll see eBikes used to explore wineries, boating areas, and parks. Events held in these locations, especially large-scale rides and sporting challenges, may start to see more eBike participation as the movement continues to grow.

As popularity grows the need for coverage does as well, so eBike owners  and event organizers will need a policy that includes eBike coverage.