7 on 7 Passing League Insurance Coverage

As the popularity of 7 on 7 passing camps grow, so does the need for sports event insurance. Every year, there are hundreds of sports clinics and specialized sports camps that are offered to athletes all across the nation. There’s a wide variety of organizations helping athletes learn, train, improve and excel in both recreational and competitive sports, locally and nationally. These camps are for amateurs and professionals, they are offered in every sport and every age. 


For those of you who do not know, a 7 on 7 passing camp consists of an offense without linemen, including a quarterback, a center, and five eligible receivers. The defense consists of seven defensive skill position players. This is beneficial to the football players, as the practice times for a team in the Spring and Summer are very limited. It allows the athletes to work on timing; as each quarterback is only allowed a predetermined amount of seconds to pass before he is whistled “sacked”. It also helps  the team build chemistry and allows them to familiarize themselves with each other and different defenses. 

Why you need sports insurance coverage:

Passing League Insurance
Each league has a risk of injury, and football is an injury prone sport, so getting insurance is simply the prudent thing to do and something all league directors should keep in mind. Whether your league consists of athletes seeking more practice or amateurs participating as a social activity, there is a lot of bumping, pushing, running, diving and great physical exertion that definitely puts people at risk.

The insurance is beneficial for the athletes, the spectators, property owners, coaches, and event hosts. In any sport, there is always risk. It is vital for a club, league, school, and coach, bringing athletes to these events, to be as proactive and protected as possible. Injury is an ever-present concern for athletes and organizers involved in competitive sports, and it is essential to ensure that every coach, athlete, and spectator, is insured. 

Camp Team Sports Insurance Coverage:

As the official insurance providers for many world and national champions, Camp Team covers all the bases for league insurance, regardless of sport, age, or competition level. The Premium Sports League insurance ensures that your professional and amateur athletes, are covered for any injuries sustained during participation. They also offer a spectator only liability policy that protects against spectator injuries resulting in spectator claims and lawsuits involving bodily injury and property damage. They offer up to $1 million in general liability per occurrence and up to $5 million in total. As well as $10,000 in dental and accidental injury coverage. 

At the end of the day, there is no reason that any league, athlete, coach, or participant, should not insure themselves, their athletes, or spectators before attending one of these camps. For those participating in 7 on 7 passing leagues, now is the time to get serious about protecting yourself. With Camp Team, rates are affordable and can be acquired in only a couple of dates. Contact us now to be proactive about your sports safety!