Need youth sports insurance for your camp or league? In the United States around 30 million kids participate in some form of organized sports and recreation activities.

Youth Sports Insurance

Along with these types of activities comes the chance of injury for participants and spectators. It is the responsibility of the organizers to prepare and attempt to limit such risks by purchasing the correct sports insurance.

Organizers have several options when choosing their insurance coverage. It’s recommended that policies should include youth sports liability insurance and accidental medical coverage. In addition to this liability insurance, other optional coverages are also available and should be reviewed with the organizer’s insurance provider. These insurance policies should provide coverage for all activities that include the participation in all scheduled and supervised games and practice sessions, as a member of the insured group. Coverage of these youth sports insurance will extend to all participants, staff, and facilities utilized of the insured group.


Accident medical coverage is for medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury while participating in an insured activity. Written on an excess basis over any other collectible medical insurance, the coverage responds only to injuries sustained while that person is participating in the covered activity. Youth sports liability insurance coverage provides protection for coaches, volunteers, staff, officers, directors, teams, associations, or leagues against claims of bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury, and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. Legal liability to participants typically refers to persons while participating in athletic or sports activity. The coverage responds to and defends the policyholder in a suit being made against the policyholder, by a participant involved in an athletic or sports related activity in which the policyholder controls, promotes, or sponsors.

Purchasing youth sports insurance is a step forward in creating a safe environment and is the responsibility of the organizer. Building a risk management plan, first aid/emergency care, and proper insurance planning are all areas of great importance when organizing athletic activities. These insurance policies cover camps, leagues, tournaments, associations, and athletic facilities. These policies address proper insurance needed to eliminate organizations exposure to injuries and other litigation. It’s also recommended organizers utilize checklists, consent forms, waivers and learn what negligence truly is, and how to avoid being held liable for it and what action to take in the event of being named in a lawsuit.