Sports, Leisure & Entertainment Equipment Floater

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Eligible Equipment Classes

Sports, Leisure and Recreational Equipment

Sporting goods and athletic equipment, gym and fitness equipment, business personal property, tenant improvements, sport event property, race timing machines, racing chips, banners, office personal property, ROTC related equipment, and any related sports & recreational equipment.

  • Annual Coverage
  • Maximum Limit $750K ($150K per item)
  • Replacement Cost Basis

Production and Entertainment Equipment

Cameras, camera equipment, sound, audio visual, lighting and grip equipment, communications equipment, portable electric equipment, editing and projection equipment, office personal property, generators, mechanical effects equipment, props, sets, wardrobe, event equipment, theatrical equipment, computer equipment including desktops, laptops and monitors, and all similar personal property and related.

  • Annual Coverage
  • Maximum Limit $750K ($150K per item)
  • Replacement Cost Basis

Musical Instruments and Sound Equipment

Musical instruments, sound equipment, vintage musical instruments, similar personal property, office personal property, and other related musical equipment.

  • Annual Coverage
  • Maximum Limit $750K ($150K per item)
  • Classical Musicians & Musical Groups
  • Amended Replacement Cost-Musical Instruments
  • Replacement Cost Basis-Non-Musical Instruments

Short Term Lease / Rented Equipment

Any of the above equipment classes leased / rented for short term use. Policy can include the rental company as loss payee.

  • 1 day to 11 months of coverage
  • Maximum Limit $500K ($150K per item)
  • Replacement Cost Basis

Automobiles are not eligible for coverage.

Normal wear and tear is not covered.

Program Highlights

The following highlights apply to all of our eligible equipment classes

  • Includes Worldwide Coverage (Mexico has a maximum $25K sub-limit. Territories where the United States has imposed sanctions prohibiting trade are excluded unless the US Government has given permission)
  • All single items over $5K in value must be scheduled on the policy in order for there to be any coverage for that item (Exception: rented equipment from others does not need to be scheduled)
  • Coverage Included: All-Risk Peril Form including Earthquake, Flood, Wind, Equipment in Transit, Accidental / Unforeseen Damages, Theft, Fire, Smoke, Water Damage and Terrorism Coverage
  • Deductible options of $250, $500, $1,000 & $2,500 available (Higher deductibles decrease premiums)
  • Admitted Carrier A.M. Best Rated “A” Excellent XIV
  • All Equipment Floater Policies Can Be Purchased Stand Alone

Optional Coverage

  • Interior/Exterior Plate Glass Coverage – up to $5,000
  • Rental Reimbursement – only available with owned equipment coverage (If you have a covered claim, this coverage reimburses your rental fees for equipment rented to continue your business operations)
  • Work Tools and Clothing – up to $10,000 each occurrence / $1,000 each employee limit (this coverage is a separate limit for work related tools and clothing such as work uniforms)
  • Continuing Rental Fees – only available with rented equipment from others coverage (If you have a covered claim, this coverage reimburses your rental company for loss of rental income during your claim handling. This coverage has a 72 hour waiting period from the time the claim is reported in writing to us)
  • Rented Equipment From Others
  • Rented Equipment To Others
  • Voluntary Parting & False Pretense – only available with owned equipment coverage (this covers your equipment if the person/company renting or borrowing your equipment never returns it)
  • Business Income and Extra Expense – only available with owned equipment coverage If you have a covered claim, this coverage reimburses you after the waiting period for loss of income and expenses to keep your business running such as rent on another location. This coverage is location specific and a waiting period will apply.)

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