Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to insurance for sports and related fields:
  • What is your standard coverage?
    $1 million per occurrence with $1 million general aggregate – General Liability. $2, $3, $4, and $5 million aggregates are available in most states.
    $10,000 maximum benefit – accidental medical / dental with $2,500 maximum benefit – accidental death / dismemberment. Higher limits are available.
  • Are higher limits available?
    Yes, additional coverage can be purchased upon request. Please contact us for more information.
  • What is abuse / molestation coverage?
    Endorsement covers the defense of the accusation against a staff member. Contact our office for available options.
  • What is hired / non owned auto?
    Endorsement covers liability of the vehicle’s driver and physical damage to private property or other vehicles involved in an accident. Does not cover physical damage to the hired, non-owned, rented, or leased vehicle.
  • How to file an accident claim?
    First you’ll need to fill out an Accident Claim Form

    • The claim form must be submitted for each individual claim.
    • Part A must be completed by the policyholder and Part B must be completed by injured person / guardian.
    • No claim can be submitted without our Part A & Part B fully completed, including signatures.


    Please contact us for accident claim forms, toll free: (800)747-9573.

  • How can I get a quote / renew my policy?
    To receive a quote, you must complete an application. Online & paper applications can be found on our website. Once a completed application has been received, we will return a quote to you via email with instruction on how to bind coverage. Polices can only be bound the same business day the signed forms (copies) and payment are received in our office.
  • Does my policy automatically renew?
    No and you’ll need to complete an application for every policy. For annual policies, we will email renewal reminder typically 30 days before expiration.
  • Why do I need to fill out a new application to renew if my information is the same as last year?
    The policies we issue are non-renewing policies; therefore, the carriers require an application from each year.
  • What is the first step I should take to make sure my event is sufficiently covered?
    Determining what type of sports insurance you will need will be the first step. To protect your participants, staff, volunteers, and organization from lawsuits arising from property damage to bodily injuries, a sport organization can purchase three different insurance policies. Not all policies are the same and some may not offer the proper protection.
  • Who do I make my check out to and where do I send it?
    Make your check payable to The Camp Team and our mailing address is 9035 Wadsworth Pkwy., Suite 3820 Westminster, CO 80021.
  • I need to add an additional insured to my policy, how do I make this request?
    All additional insured requests must be submitted in writing via email, fax, or mail. Be sure to reference your policyholder name and provide the name and address for your additional insured.
  • How can I change my coverage dates, limits, name, address, or add participants to my existing policy?
    To make changes to your policy, you must submit your request in writing via email, fax, or mail. Be sure to reference your policyholder name and specify what needs to be changed on your policy.
  • How long before I receive my proof of coverage?
    Upon receipt of your signed paperwork and minimum premium, we will bind coverage and email your certificate of insurance the same business day.
  • Do you provide business in all states?
    Yes, we are licensed in all 50 states; however, we cannot provide coverage to policyholders outside of the United States.
  • What is a minimum premium?
    A minimum premium is the minimum amount that is required in order to bind coverage.
  • What does fully earned at inception mean?
    Fully earned at inception refers to the amount of premium that is non-refundable (because it is earned) at the effective date of coverage. All minimum premiums are fully earned and therefore non-refundable once the policy goes into effect.
  • Can I purchase the liability coverage without the accident coverage?
    Accident medical policy of at least $10,000 maximum medical benefit is required in order to purchase a participant liability policy. No accident policy is required in order to purchase a spectator liability policy.