Slap Fighting Insurance


Slap Fighting Insurance

Slap Fighting competitions are officiated by a referee, and scored by judges who watch slapping between the two competitors. The competitors are classified by gender and weight classes.

It is important that slap fight tournaments equip competitors with the proper equipment, and insure the event with appropriate combat sport insurance or slap fighting insurance. Each competitor must wear the required protective equipment. In most cases this protective equipment consists of a mouthguard and ear protection.

Empty Slap Fighting Tournament Ring covered by Slap Fighting Insurance

Professional slap fighting matches are scheduled for 3 rounds, and each competitor is able to strike their opponent once per round. Before the slapping commences, competitors may be required to rub their hands with talcum powder. Matches can potentially end prior to the third round by knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO). If the match goes all three rounds, the winner of the contest is decided by the judges. The judges make their decision on who handled the slaps the best and select a winner. Other rules can define legal, illegal strikes, and hand and foot positioning. Rules may vary from event to event.

As slap fighting competitions are rapidly growing and relatively new, it is important that you equip your event or organization with slap fighting insurance from an experienced sports insurance provider like Camp Team. We provide combat sport insurance specific to slap fighting to cover both you and your athletes.

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