Paintball and First Strike Insurance



Over the last 15 years paintball has become a popular sport in the United States with indoor and outdoor fields available for participants to engage in mock combat. Its popularity has spawned clubs, associations, tournaments, and other events turning it into an exciting sport with millions of followers. Camp Team is proud to offer paintball insurance to facilities and event sponsors that host the sport and offer coverage of equipment use that many agencies do not.

One of the unique factors in the paintball insurance that Camp Team provides is its inclusion of specific paintball equipment used in the sport, like First Strike. First Strike is a line of paintball markers (paintball rifles) and accessories (paintball bullets) that few sports insurance agencies cover – Camp Team does.

The peace of mind that Camp Team’s paintball insurance provides facility owners and event sponsors is one that comes with the confidence of a good business decision. Knowing that participants, staff, volunteers, and the organization are protected from lawsuits arising for property damage or bodily injury allows one to focus on making the sport as fun and exhilarating as possible.

Standard paintball insurance coverage includes general liability of $1 million per occurrence with a $1 million general aggregate, and up to $5 million in aggregate is available in most states. General liability is the most common insurance and protects against claims from bodily injury, property damage, and litigation costs associated with these claims.

Camp Team offers primary and excess accident and medical insurance which helps pay part or all medical costs resulting from an accident or injury occurring to a participant, volunteer, or official during play. An important form of insurance, accident and medical can prevent financial hardship to injured persons due to medical costs.

Camp Team also offers spectator and premise liability insurance. Specific to spectator claims involving on-site injury and accident, and to property damage to the venue, this insurance adds another layer of protection for facility owners and event sponsors.

For more information about paintball insurance and its coverage of First Strike equipment usage on the field of play, please contact us at (800) 747-9573 or (303) 422-2057.