Overnight event insurance

Are you a sport camp organizer, or a head coach responsible for coordinating and overseeing overnight trips for your team? Any time you take a group of individuals on an overnight trip of any kind, there is always a risk of someone getting sick or becoming injured while you are away from home. Does your organization have the proper overnight event insurance program in place to protect against loss from injuries and sickness that take place during overnight trips?


Overnight Insurance

At The Camp Team, our overnight event & camp insurance programs offer your sports organization the best comprehensive protection for athletes participating in competitions and practices, coaches while instructing, family members and other spectators attending events, event operators conducting sanctioned events including overnight trips, and hosting facilities. No one can anticipate when an athlete may become injured or sick during an event, but having the right kind of overnight event insurance program in place can help protect your camp or club from loss by minimizing your exposure and potential risk.


Our insurance experts can help you determine the right kind of insurance for your event, and assist you in putting the safeguards you need in place. Ideally, no one ever becomes injured or gets sick on an overnight trip with your sport club or team, or at a sport camp. But, in the event this does occur, you can have peace of mind knowing that your organization is protected against any potential loss with overnight insurance.


If you are interested in obtaining overnight event insurance for your sporting event, facility, or club, please take a few moments to check out our convenient online application. Include pertinent information on your club, facility, and/or event, and we will get back to you quickly with information on the most appropriate insurance options for your situation. For more information and to answer your questions about the best way to protect your club or facility with sports insurance, contact the helpful, friendly people at Camp Team today by calling (800) 747-9573 or (303) 422-2057.