Health Club & Gym Insurance

Health and fitness clubs are an institution in America, and it appears they are here to stay. Up from 30,500 clubs in 2012 to 36,540 in 2016, the health and fitness club industry has experienced steady, if not phenomenal, growth in the United States. The U.S. is the single biggest market worldwide in terms of revenue generated and number of members in health and fitness clubs. With every framework imaginable from stripped down, no frills clubs to luxury health and fitness spas, people flock to health and fitness clubs by the thousands every week. With all that participation, there’s bound to be an injury from time to time. Camp Team’s Health and Fitness Club insurance program provides protection for the club owner/policy holder from any claims of bodily injury, property damage, and the legal costs to defend against those claims. This insurance coverage provides up to $1,000,000 per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of up to $5 million.


Camp Team has become a leader in sports insurance by offering its customers valuable protection for athletes and owners that covers clubs, camps, equipment, events, leagues, property, tournaments, and sports facilities. The kind of health and fitness club insurance coverage available through Camp Team offers club owners peace of mind and allows our policy holders to focus on what is most important, the people who frequent their health and fitness clubs. Gym Insurance

With a focus on making the process of insuring our customers as painless as possible, and providing support when they need it, Camp Team has become a leader in the sports insurance industry. We are dedicated to providing a quick turnaround on policy requests and underwriting. The experience, trust, and excellent service Camp Team delivers is why we are the official insurance provider for many well-known world and national champions.

If you are interested in obtaining insurance for your health and fitness club, please take a few moments to check out our user friendly online application. Include information on your health and fitness club, and one of our insurance professionals will get back to you with details on the best insurance options for your situation. For more information about protecting your health and fitness club with sports insurance, contact the helpful, folks at Camp Team today by calling (800) 747-9573 or (303) 422-2057.