Club Sports Insurance: Tennis Insurance

Many historians believe tennis originated in northern France’s monasteries in the 12th century from a game where the ball was hit with the palm of the hand. It wasn’t until 400 years later in the 16th century that racquets came into use and the game was called “tennis”. Today, millions around the globe enjoy the game as participants and spectators, and tennis has become one of the most popularly followed professional sports in history.

Tennis is played by people of all ages around the world, and nearly 18 million people in the U. S. play the sport. Tennis clubs around the country keep youth and adults engaged in practice, leagues, and singles and doubles tournaments each year. If you manage, sponsor, or own a tennis club, protecting property, players, spectators, volunteers, and coaches from risk and other liabilities with tennis insurance is very important. Because accidents do happen, Camp Team specializes in club sports insurance offerings like tennis camp insurance for tennis clubs and tournaments, and offers a variety of insurance products that cover every eventuality.

Tennis Insurance

General Liability insurance covers club sports like tennis from lawsuits arising from bodily injury and property damage. Additionally, litigation costs associated with defending claims are covered with this tennis insurance, protecting club interests and mitigating expenses that pile up during the legal process. Up to $1,000,000 of coverage per occurrence is available, with a general aggregate of up to $5,000,000 obtainable.

Accident Medical insurance is available to help ease financial burdens due to medical bills resulting from an accident or injury during a practice, game, or travel to an event. Both primary and excess accident medical insurance can offset medical costs resulting from accident or injury to a participant, volunteer, or official.

Spectator and Premise Liability insurance is an important risk-reduction plan that protects against claims by spectators resulting from mishaps like slips or falls. Additionally, this type of tennis insurance protects against property damage that can occur while under the club’s control.

Camp Team can customize tennis club insurance policy to match your needs, fit your budget, and protect the interests of your tennis club, its personnel, spectators, and property. For more information about how to protect your club with tennis club insurance, contact Camp Team at (800) 747-9573 or (303) 422-2057.