Professional wrestling is often referred to as entertainment, but high-school and college-level wrestling is considered a regulated sport with a set of rules, and these wrestling teams compete in tournaments. The Camp Team has provided generations of teams, coaches, and clubs with custom wrestling insurance coverage for over 30 years. Each plan is specific to meet the needs of our clients from youth to collegiate.


Deciding on what type of insurance plan you need is the first step toward ensuring maximum protection for team participants and staff. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive wrestling insurance plan that will ensure our clients are fully covered at affordable rates.

Wrestling is a contact sport and athletes may suffer injuries and, for that reason, wrestling league insurance should not be taken lightly. It is our job to make camp directors and league owners feel confident in the safety of their participants by making sure they have sufficient coverage. Our clients trust us to understand that it’s not just for the safety of the participants, but also for the staff.

Wrestling League Insurance

We offer an array of plans and services that provide the most value to our clients, from youth wrestling to collegiate wrestling event insurance. These programs include camp, clinic, tournament, club, league, association, team, sports facilities, and property and equipment coverage. It is The Camp Team’s priority to provide our clients with the best plans for the best rates and services available so that they can concentrate on what’s most important to them: coaching their teams.

Our wrestling league insurance services have been vital to establishing continued, trusted relationships with some of the finest coaches and clubs around. We focus on making the process of insuring our clients as prompt and easy as possible. We offer a variety of liability Insurance and limits such as $1 million per occurrence/ $5 million aggregate.

We are dedicated to offering a quick turnaround on policy requests and underwriting, as most events require evidence of insurance to secure facilities to make any event successful. We make it our top priority to purchase the right wrestling league insurance coverage at the lowest price to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction and stress-free process.